Board Records

This page contains meeting minutes and related documents from the Far West Masters board.

Far West Masters Board Meeting Minutes

Meeting Date Word PDF
2013-2014 Board Meetings
2014 Spring Meeting  (general meeting at Mammoth) 29-Mar-2014
2013 Fall Meeting 06-Dec-2013 (minutes n/a)
2013 Summer Meeting 13-Jul-2013
2012-2013 Board Meetings
2013 Spring Meeting  (general meeting at Squaw Valley) 05-Apr-2013
2012 Summer Meeting 14-Jul-2012
2011-2012 Board Meetings
2012 Spring Meeting  (general meeting at Squaw Valley) 14-Apr-2012
2011 Fall Meeting 15-Oct-2011
2011 Summer Meeting 09-Jul-2011
2010-2011 Board Meetings
2011 Spring Meeting  (general meeting at Mammoth) 15-Apr-2011
2010 Fall Meeting 23-Oct-2010
2010 Summer Meeting 10-Jul-2010
2009-2010 Board Meetings
2010 Spring Meeting  (general meeting at Mammoth) 15-Apr-2010
2009 Fall Meeting 24-Oct-2009
2009 Summer Meeting 11-Jul-2009
2008-2009 Board Meetings
2009 Winter Meeting  (general meeting at Alpine Meadows) Sat. 07-Mar-2009
2008 Fall Meeting 25-Oct-2008 (minutes n/a)
2008 Summer Meeting 12-Jul-2008
2007-2008 Board Meetings
2008 Winter Meeting   (minutes n/a)
2007 Fall Meeting 06-Oct-2007
2007 Summer Meeting 14-Jul-2007
2006-2007 Board Meetings
2006 Winter Meeting   (minutes n/a)
2006 Fall Meeting 14-Oct-2006
2006 Summer Meeting 08-Jul-2005 (minutes n/a)
2005-2006 Board Meetings
2006 Winter Meeting   (minutes n/a)
2005 Fall Meeting 08-Oct-2005
2005 Summer Meeting 09-Jul-2005
2004-2005 Board Meetings
2005 Winter Meeting 26-Feb-2005
2004 Fall Meeting 09-Oct-2004
2004 Summer Meeting 10-Jul-2004
2003-2004 Board Meetings
2004 Winter Meeting   (minutes n/a)
2003 Fall Meeting 11-Oct-2003
2003 Summer Meeting 19-Jul-2003

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