Far West Masters Racing

Welcome to the Far West Masters race services support section. This is where you will find information and support tools to assist in organizing and running US alpine masters ski races.

Please send questions and comments to: Deb Lewis
Director of Race Services and Scoring, Far West Masters

(last update: 10-Jan-2024)

Race Services

This page provides information for race organizers and administrators about US Ski & Snowboard services and working with Split Second Timing (SST), the widely used timing software for US alpine competitions. (Other timing software can also be used, but Split Second is the most commonly used timing software in most divisions.) Go directly to the Far West Masters race services page for detailed instructions, membership reports, and Split Second setup files for FWM division races.

The procedures we describe are provided as guidelines. The techniques have been used in various forms by organizing areas in the Far West over a number of years and have been consolidated here to share the knowledge and ideas of many people. This is not the only way to do things, but we know the approach works and we believe is the simplest way to operate a FW masters race. Please use our suggested procedures and data files, it should make your life easier.


US Ski & Snowboard Services

Race organizers and administrators have a number of services available though the US Ski & Snowboard web site for checking that competitors have current licenses and that race codes have been obtained for sanctioned races on the current season calendar.

For additional links to US Ski & Snowboard services, forms, and competition rules, see the Race Operations information section on usalpinemasters.org.

Member Lookup

Most current US masters will be listed in the points list file, updated periodically throughout the season by US Ski & Snowboard. For the most current information, however, use the Member Lookup servce on the usskiandsnowboard.org site:

Race Lookup

To check the race calendar for codex numbers assigned by US Ski & Snowboard, use the Event Lookup service on the usskiandsnowboard.org site:

NOTE: A race code is assigned upon completion of the USSS Schedule Agreement, which must be submitted by the race organizer for a competition to be sanctioned on the US alpine calendar as a masters competition. This is essential for liability and secondary accident insurance coverage of the event.

Officials Reports

To get a complete list of current officials certifications, use the Officials Certifications Viewer feature on the usskiandsnowboard.org site:

Masters Points List File

US Ski & Snowboards publishes a masters points list data file containing all licensed US masters competitors periodically throughout the season. The masters points list file can be used with the Split Second Timing software to assist in correctly entering racer information such as name, age, and US license number when inserting competitors in a Masters Alpine race data file.

The masters points list is scheduled to be published regularly during the competition season, starting in November and updated approximately monthly.

Although points list files are generally downloaded directly from the race timing software, the current alpine masters points can also be downloaded directly from the Alpine Points on the usskiandsnowboard.org site:

(click on the link to the masters points list file to download)

Timing System Software Procedures

Moved to usalpinemasters.org  Visit usalpinemasters.org for the most up-to-date Split Second help and tips  Moved to usalpinemasters.org

Documentation and tips on running US Masters races using the National-FIS Race Scoring Software from Split Second is provided on the usalpinemasters.org web site:

Links and Contacts

US Alpine Masters US Alpine Masters  - US Alpine masters information, links to timing software and points list downloads, member lookup, etc
Split Second Timing Split Second Timing  - the standard US alpine timing software
TimingGuys.com TimingGuys.com  - discussion boards for timing topics
Glaivestone Software - ACES Glaivestone Software - ACES  - ACE Scoring masters software

Contact Information
Deb Lewis
Director of Race Services and Scoring, Far West Masters
Email: Deb Lewis