Race Entries

Race registration is closed: the race registration service is closed for the summer! We'll reopen for the 2021-2022 season in October to enable you to print race entries. Please visit the Schedule page in the fall to see the season race schedule and come back here when the season opening is approaching to prepare your entry cards. Online registration through MISSING LINK: skiracereg_fw_series will be back in 2022, providing you with a simple, reliable way to submit and manage your race entries.

Far West Masters race registration process Far West Masters race registration process  (explanation of the race entry process)

Race Entry Checklist

  • print entry for each event you wish to enter
  • provide age/contact info
  • write a separate check for entry fee in each race you enter, made out to the race organizer
  • mail entry form and checks to organizing area, per info on Season Schedule page and the entry form

Please submit your entries to area organizers at least 1-2 weeks prior to the race whenever possible, it helps with race preparation and staffing so they can put on the best event possible for us. And remember to check the web site for additional info or updates during the week prior to the race.

Late Entries

The entry deadline for submitting race entries is listed on the Season Schedule page and included on both the printable event entry form available here on farwestmasters.org as well as the calendar entries on the SkiRaceReg.com online race entry system. Entries received after the early registration deadline (midnight of the Sunday prior to the start of the event) will be subject to a $5/race late fee. Late entries after the entry deadline may or may not be accepted by the race organizer, according to the policy determined by each race organizer. Day-of-race entries at race checkin will generally NOT be accepted; you must be on the start list prepared the day before the race in order to compete.

Race Day Checklist

  • always check in at race checkin desk (usually 7:30-8:30AM)
  • if you need a short-term membership license, please arrive a bit early to fill out USSA application. You will need to provide proof of medical insurance coverage, so please have your insurance card with you with carrier and policy number.

Cancellation Policy

Far West Masters provides a "torn check policy" for race entries that allows you to cancel without penalty up until the published entry deadline for the event, which is typically at least one day before the race (e.g. you generally must cancel by end-of-day on Thursday for a weekend race starting on Saturday). You are responsible for contacting the race organizer to cancel an entry. The cancellation policy applies equally to both online and mailed race entries.

We really need competitors to get entries in to the organizer1-2 weeks prior to the event whenever possible so we can get a reasonable head count outlook for planning and staffing the event. If you're considering competing in an event but aren't sure whether you'll be able to make it, go ahead and submit your entry - just contact the race organizer and cancel if it turns out you can't make it.