Heidi Littenberg (Mammoth)
Heidi Littenberg ( Mammoth )
Far West Masters Racing

Your Far West Masters membership provides you with a permanent stretch bib, newsletter and email updates, and access to members-only areas of this site.

Special membership benefits are also available to FW members, such as special offers from manufacturers and shops or special events for competitors.

The Far West Masters wish to thank the people and companies who support ski racing and generously make these special benefits possible!

Member Benefits

Events and Special Offers

Information about events of interest to masters competitors, such as gear and tuning clinics offered by ski shops, and special offers for Far West Masters members is listed here.


Information on special lodging offers will be provided when available.

Ski Shops and Ski Tuning

Links and contact information are provided here to ski shops in the Far West region which support masters ski racing and carry equipment and gear of interest to competitors. Although we do not specifically endorse any particular shop, the entries here generally represent shops that our members are familiar with, so ask your fellow racers if you need additional information when selecting a shop.