Looking to buy or sell equipment? Sure there's always eBay, but maybe you'd have better luck with your fellow ski racers. Try posting your ad or inquiry on one of our Facebook groups - we have a Far West Masters group and there's also an active USSA masters group with members from around the country.

Also check out the Mammoth Ski Team Equipment blog... this is a classified ad (free service) created by the Mammoth team give ski team families a chance to buy and sell equipment.

If you have race equipment in gently used condition or better that your family would like to sell, please email the following information to

  1. Brand, model, length or size, condition and selling price of individual items you want to sell
  2. Picture (optional- one picture can show many items!)
  3. Your email contact information

Please note that the MMST blog managers will assist in the posting of the information on the blog, but sellers and buyers will be responsible for arranging the transaction between themselves and MMST takes no responsibility for the accuracy of the information posted on the blog. They also ask that you email to let the blog administrators know when gear is sold so they can keep listings as up to date as possible.