Organization Documents

This section provide access to operating documents of the Far West Masters organization: forms, applications, schedule agreements and race organizer information, board meeting minutes, etc. - all the documents involved in running our organization and organizing events. Historically, this material has been physically dispersed in the possession of various members of the organization, according to their involvement and responsibilities. Over time, we are collecting and organizing all the essential documents here to ensure that necessary information is easily available to all interested parties.

About Far West Masters

The Far West Masters is a volunteer, non-profit organization dedicated to organizing US alpine masters ski racing competitions in the Far West division. See the Contacts page for a complete list of the current officers and key volunteers.

Far West Masters races are governed by the standard U.S.Ski & Snowboard alpine masters competition rules which apply to all sanctioned masters competitions in the US. The Far West Masters supplement the standard US alpine masters rules with a few additional rules specific to our division events, notably he scoring of a special Open class for race results and season standings.

Race Coordinators and Officials

Volunteer race coordinators from the Far West Masters assist race organizers with registration and checkin. Visit the Race Coordinators page for information about what a race coordinator does and standard forms included in the race coordinator's packet for each race.

Members of the Far West Masters who are licensed U.S. Ski & Snowboard officials volunteer their time on race day to serve as the TD (technical delegate) and referee on the race jury. Information and standard forms used by race officials are provided for their convenience on the Race Forms page.

Far West Masters Board

The Far West Masters board meets at regular intervals, usually starting with a summer or fall meeting to prepare for the coming season and a winter meeting during the season. All meetings are open - members are invited to attend and minutes are published to record the discussions.

Visit the Board page for meeting minutes and other board documents.

Far West Membership

Information about Far West Masters membership and links to the membership application can be found on the How to Join page.