Far West Masters Scholarship Program

The Scholarship Program is a program founded and operated by volunteers from the Far West Masters to support ski racing and junior athlete development in the Far West division.

Scholarship News

The 2017 scholarship awards have been announced - congratulations to these athletes!

Events and Fundraising

Our program initially raised money simply by direct contributions from Masters racers. Over the years, the Scholarship Program has expanded to include more fundraisers, including such events as:

  • A season-long raffle with prizes ranging from dinners, gift certificates, ski wax and accessories to skis, poles and bindings
  • A dual race including Masters racers and junior scholarship winners

How to Contribute

If you would like to contribute to the scholarship fund by donating money or items for our fund-raising raffles, your support would be greatly appreciated!

If you have questions or would like to learn more, please contact program chairman Eddie Mozen (contact info for Eddie is available on the Contacts page)

Fundraising Raffles

One of our primary fundraising tools for the Scholarship Program is a season-long raffle featuring a wide variety of prizes from our generous sponsors as well as the many individual donors and businesses who support this effort.

Scholarship Application

(The 2017 application period has been completed)

Athlete News

Scholarship award winners for 2017 were announced in December. The complete list of 2017 scholarship awards are listed on the Scholarship Athletes page.

Jeff Wattenmaker Scholarship

Jeff Wattenmaker was an avid Masters racer who supported the Masters Scholarship Program and its ideals. Prior to his recent passing, he generously arranged to donate funds to expand the Masters Scholarship Program and to thereby make available funding for a University education to members of the Program.

The Jeff Wattenmaker Scholarship is a $10,000 scholarship to be used towards college expenses. This scholarship will be given out yearly to a member of the Far West Masters Scholarship Program.

The Far West Masters Scholarship Program is pleased to announce the winner of the Jeff Wattenmaker Scholarship for 2015. Scholarships are awarded based on a combination of (and in order of importance) citizenship, exemplary work ethic, academic scholarship, financial need, and alpine ski race results. This year's winners are :

This year, the recipient of this award is Nico Monforte from Squaw Valley. Nico Monforte is a humble, kind, hard working and talented young man. Nico grew up in Squaw Valley; ski raced through the U18 program, and found his niche in Skier Cross. After showing great promise, Nico injured himself training in Europe. Knowing he had many months of Physical Therapy, he made the decision to start his university education last fall at UNR, focusing on a degree in Mechanical Engineering. While working, he continued intense physical therapy and finished the scholastic year on the Deans List

Complete Wattenmaker scholarship awards announcement: