Far West Masters Scholarship Program

The Scholarship Program is a program founded and operated by volunteers from the Far West Masters to support ski racing and junior athlete development in the Far West division.

Far West Masters Scholarship Program is a 501(c) (3) tax exempt organization.

Scholarship Donations

Scholarship program funds are raised by direct contributions by Masters racers and other supporters such as family and friends. We also have fundraisers such as auctions of donated items. If you would like to contribute to the scholarship fund by donating money or items for our fund-raising auctions, your support would be greatly appreciated!

Fundraising Events

One of our primary fundraising tools for the Scholarship Program is an end-of-season auction featuring a wide variety of items. This event is made possible by donations from our primary Sponsors as well as many individual donors and businesses who generously contribute to support this effort.

Summer 2021 Far West Masters Scholarship Auction

We have some items that have been donated by Far West Ski Team alumni as well as our local ski shops and resorts that are available for purchase to support our program. Items and bidding procedure is explained in a post on the FW Skiing division site:


Tax-deductible contributions can be made to the Far West Masters Scholarship Program to support scholarship awards for race-related expenses of our Far West athletes. We also accept donations directed to the Far West Masters College Scholarship fund for college education expenses, which builds on the successful foundation of 10 years of the Jeff Wattenmaker Scholarship.

Your donations also fund the concussion awareness program that makes the IMPACT baseline cognitive test that helps assess head injuries and when it is safe for an athlete to return to sport available to all Far West junior athletes.

There is no overhead in our program. All administrative costs are donated so every dollar goes directly to participating athletes.

Donations can be made by check to "Far West Masters Scholarship Program" or online by credit card or through a Paypal account.

Contact program chairman Eddie Mozen at scholarshipprogram@farwestmasters.org if you have questions or would like to learn more.