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Documentation and tips on running USSA Masters races using the National-FIS Race Scoring Software from Split Second is provided on the ussamasters.org web site:

You should be using the current version of the Split Second USSA/FIS software. (It is possible to use the Club version of Split Second, but doing so requires somewhat different procedures and suppporting data files. We recommend using the USSA version.) Split Second stores your timing and registration files in the folder C:\My Documents\SplitSecond\Alpine and Snowboard\, which you can access using My Computer or the Windows Explorer on Windows if you need to access files directly. We refer to this folder as the Split Second data directory, as it contains all your race data files as well as supporting configuration files used by the software to support registration, timing, and reporting operations.


Turning Off Autosort

If you are running a masters race with age classes that do not conform exactly to the standard 5-year masters classes and start order rules of regional and national events, you MUST turn off the Autosort feature!! Specifically, you need to do this for Far West masters races, which use 10-year age groups and a special second-run "Open" class, and for Intermountain masters races with the second-run men's "Super Seed" class. Otherwise, SST will quietly "scramble" your competitor order when you generate a start list or results reports by applying the built-in national masters rules.

To disable automatic sorting: Click on the pull-down Edit menu at the top of the window, select the Options page, and clear the check mark on the Automatically Sort when generating reports option. Click OK to save this setting. SST will now ask you whether you want its built-in sorting rules to be applied whenever you generate a report - you can still say yes to obtain the default behavior, but Just Say No if you have already sorted the competitors into the desired order by other means.

(See the FW and Intermountain pages for details on how to sort start lists and results reports for their age class rules.)

Installing Points Lists Files

You can download the masters points list using Split Second using the Load Points List operation on Factors/Lists page of a masters race. This will download and unpack the current masters points list file into a folder in your Split Second data directory. (Specifically: C:\My Documents\SplitSecond\Alpine and Snowboard\Points Lists\Masters\).

Workaround for officials list problems: There is a glitch with the handling of the officials points list (NLOnnn) for masters races, which you may encounter if you try to enter the data for a recently-listed official from the usual data entry screen. The workaround for problems with the officials list is to manually copy the current officials list file from the main Split Second points list directory C:\My Documents\SplitSecond\Alpine and Snowboard\Points Lists\ into the Points Lists\Masters subdirectory where the masters points list is stored. The copy in the Points Lists\Masters sub-folder is needed to get the choice displayed on the SST Factors/Lists page, while the copy in the main Points Lists folder needs to be in place to support the lookup service used by the data entry assistance feature as you type the first few characters of an officials name. If you do not have a copy of the latest officials points list, you can download the NLX national points list files for ranked USSA competitors by creating an Alpine race and using its Factors/Lists page to download and install the USSA rankings lists.

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