Far West Masters Racing

The Far West Masters is an organization of volunteers. Our race calendar and race operations depend on the efforts of many people who contribute time and energy to putting together a schedule of challenging and enjoyable races each season.

This page lists the Far West members who contribute to our program by their efforts at each race weekend.

Race Volunteers

When you arrive at the area for a Far West Masters race, the race checkin desk is staffed by fellow racers who have volunteered their time. Diann Laing is our Head Race Checkin coordinator and responsible for ensuring that we have a checkin desk staffed at each event and that all the necessary information and administrative forms for competitors are available.

On the hill during the race, the officials are also fellow Far West racers who have volunteered their time to help ensure that our competitions are safe and fair. At each race, we provide a Technical Delegate (TD) and a Referee who together with the Chief of Course from the organizing area comprise the race jury. Mark Mirviss is the Head of Officials and works diligently each year to ensure that we have licensed officials who are qualified to work our races.

Date Event Race Checkin Officials
Dec. 2 Mammoth Mountain
SL x 2
Diann Laing TD: Doug Fulton
RF: Hamish Butler
Dec. 16-17 Mammoth Mountain
TBA TD: Eddie Mozen
RF: Don Smith
Jan. 5-7 Heavenly
SL x 2, GS, GS
TBA TD: Don Smith
RF: Deb Lewis (Fri)
RF: Hamish Butler (Sat/Sun)
Jan. 20-21 Squaw Valley
Diann Laing TD: Paul Laudenschlager
RF: Reggie Bauer
Feb. 2-4 Mammoth Mountain
SG x 2, SG x 2, SG GS
Mary Feddis TD: Dan Simmons
Feb. 6-10 US Masters National Championships - Okemo VT - SC, SG, GS, SL
Feb. 24-25 Northstar
SG x 2, GS, GS
SL x 2, SL
Linda Crowell TD: Mark Mirviss
RF: Ray Tulloch
AR: Reggie Bauer (Fri SGs)
Mar. 8-11 National DH Championships - Ski Cooper CO - DHx2, SGx2
Mar.9 Heavenly
SL x 2
Diann Laing TD: Don Smith
Mar. 10-11 Mt. Rose
Diann Laing TD: Rees Palermo
RF: Deb Lewis
Mar. 19-24 FIS Masters World Criterium - Big Sky MT - SG, GS, SL
Apr. 12-14 Mammoth Finals
SG x 2, GS, SL,
TBA TD: Mark Mirviss (Thu SGs)
TD: Dan Simmons (Fri GS)
TD: Eddie Mozen(Sat GS)
RF: Deb Lewis (Thu/Fri)
RF: TBA (Sat)
AR: Dan Simmons (Thu SGs)