Far West Masters Racing

Far West Masters thanks all participating ski areas which support ski racing and offer training opportunities and camps for masters competitors. As new training and camps are available, this page will be updated.

If you know of a resort that is not listed here please contact the Far West Masters web master.

Training and Race Camps

Note: The Far West Masters organization does not endorse any specific training program or camp. We make information available here when we are aware of training opportunities that may be of interest to our members. We support all opportunities for participation in masters ski racing!!

 Not yet updated for 2017! **not yet updated for 2017** we anticipate that most of training program information below from the 2014 season will continue to be relevant for 2015, although the details may change. Mammoth Mountain *will* be running their annual Masters Camp week on Dec. 1-5, immediately prior to the opening races on the weekend of Dec. 6-7.  Not yet updated for 2017!

Race Camps

  • Mammoth Masters Race Camp - Dec. 2-6, 2013
    Full week program of coaching prior to the season opening SL/GS races Dec. 7-8. This is a week-long camp geared towards the serious racer. The coaching staff will consist of coaches from the Mammoth Masters Team and Participation is also available on a per-day basis, allowing you to choose which days you want to train if you're unable to attend for the full week. Daily schedule will be flexible and depends on conditions. See the the info flyer below or Mammoth Race Dept. web page for details or contact them by phone 760.934.0642 or email.
  • Squaw/Alpine Start Gate Race Camp - December 16-20, 2013
    The Squaw/Alpine Meadows masters program is running a training camp the week prior to our Dec. 21-22 SL races at Alpine. This is an intensive five day camp consisting of video analysis, timed training, tuning clinics, with coaching staff from Squaw Valley and Alpine Meadows.

Training Programs

NOTE: information training programs for the 2017 season is the best information we currently have available; updates will be made as additional information from organizers about their 2017 programs becomes available.

  • Alpine Meadows
    (we do not currently have any information on masters training for the 2017 season at Alpine Meadows; see the Squaw Masters Program information below)
  • Auburn Ski Club (Boreal)
    Auburn Ski Club has offered a night masters training program in previous seasons. Visit the ASC web site for contacts and information about their 2017 programs.
  • Snow Summit Masters
    The Snow Summit Masters train all season long at Snow Summit: Tuesdays and Fridays from 9 am to 11 am and Saturdays and Sundays from 8 am to 10 am. Training is offered by the day or as a season program.
  • Diamond Peak
    (we do not currently have any information on masters training for the 2017 season at Diamond Peak)
  • Heavenly
    (we do not currently have any information on masters training for the 2017 season at Heavenly)
  • Mammoth Masters Team
    Full-season program with training 9:30 – 1:30 Thu-Sun, starting Saturday, November 23, 2013 and ends Sunday, April 20, 2014.. This is a top-notch program geared towards the serious racer. For details visit the MRD Mammoth Masters information page (link below) or contact the Mammoth Race Department by phone 760.934.0642 or email racedepartment@mammoth-mtn.com.
  • Mt. Rose
    Dedicated Masters training is available on Thursday and Friday mornings from 9-12, with skills improvement sessions on Saturday and Sunday 8:30-10:30 and additional training/early load training opportunies with the Team Falcons. Program starts weekend of December 5 and finishes April 11. For details visit the information page (link below) or email mtrosemasters@gmail.com.
  • Northstar
    Masters training is available Mon-Fri (9:30 a.m. - 12:00 p.m.) throughout the season (excluding holidays). For details visit the information page (link below) or call the Northstar Race Team at 530.562.3231.
  • Sierra at Tahoe
    (we do not currently have any information on masters training for for the 2017 season at Sierra at Tahoe)
  • Squaw Valley
    Squaw's training program for masters includes a wide range of options throughout the season, from Dec 7-April 13. Training is available 6 days a week in the full-season program, with weekend, mid-week, and daily training also offered. For further information visit the information page (link below) or check with the Squaw Valley Race Department at 800-403-020.
  • Sugar Bowl Masters Program
    (we do not currently have any information on masters training for for the 2017 season at Sugar Bowl)

Note: information on training opportunities for the 2017 season is provided for all programs that we are aware of. We update this page whenever we have details, but for definitive information you should contact the area/club/race department directly.