Welcome to the Far West Masters! If you are a new visitor to our site, you may wish to visit the Information pages to learn more About masters racing. See the How To Join page for membership information and applications. We are open to all and welcome new racers!

Masters ski racing is the premier adult ski racing series in the country. We are governed by United States Ski Association (USSA), the sanctioning body in the US for organized ski racing at all levels from juniors up through international and Olympic competition.

Far West Masters organizes USSA masters competition in the Far West division. Our yearly schedule includes all disciplines (SL, GS, SG, and DH), with races held mainly at ski areas in the central Sierras. Racers from 21 to over 80 years old compete in ten-year age groups.

Top News Items

  • Fall Newsletter and Membership Package

    The Fall issue of the Forerunner newsletter is out! Click the link below to read online or download your copy. The Fall newsletter as well as previous issues of the Forerunner from past seasons are always available on the Newsletters page.

    Electronic copies of the Forerunner are sent out on the news email list to all recent members of Far West Masters. If you purchased a print subscription to the newsletter last season, you will also receive a copy in the mail.

    The Fall issue is packed with news about the upcoming season, including the complete season schedule, along with the Far West Masters membership package containing information on the 2016-2017 program and membership options for new and renewing members. Please get your Far West Masters membership in to Membership chair Mary Feddis by Nov. 13 so she has time to process everyone's application and ensure that our membership records and bib assignments are up-to-date for the coming season. Membership renewals received after the deadline are subject to a $5 late fee.

    (Note: late fees are only applicable to renewals. New members may join anytime during the season without late fees!)

    Online Membership Renewal: We're excited to be able to offer online membership renewal again this season through our Far West Masters race series on SkiRaceReg.com. The online membership options allow you to pay your membership dues using the same online account that you use to sign up for races and pay race entry fees. You will also have the option to purchase a print subscription to the Forerunner newsletter if you wish to receive a copy in the mail in addition to the electronic copy distributed to all members. Joining online is quick and easy, highly recommended!!

    Note: the first time you sign into your SkiRaceReg.com account at the start of the season, you will be told that your account is "inactive" and needs to be reactivated for the new season. You didn't do anything wrong, this happens every year!! We need to make sure that the contact and payment information for your account is up-to-date, so just follow the instructions on each page, it should only take a few minutes. We've put together a "FAQ" (Frequently Asked Questions) on about your SkiRaceReg.com account and the signup/renewal process, so take a look at that if you're not sure what's going on, or contact the Far West series administrators at raceadmin@farwestmasters.org if you need assistance.


  • 2017 Major Events

    This season's major events in the Western Region are the FIS Masters Cup/Western Region Championships at Park City on Feb. 3-5 and the National Championships at Far West's own Mammoth Mountain CA on Mar. 13-18. The nationals are a 4-event championship event, with the national championship DH along with the SG-GS-SL championships.

    Far West also has two stops on the 2017 National Speed Series, with the Mammoth Masters Memorial Cup speed event on Jan. 19-22 (2 DH, 3 SG) counting two races as well as the March national championships DH and SG races. Along with the two SG races at the Park City FIS Masters races, those of you with the need for speed should take a look at picking off a few other events and taking a shot at the Speed Series this season!


  • USSA Helmet rules

    ***IMPORTANT RULE CHANGE FOR 2017*** Over the past several years, USSA and FIS have been phasing in new helmet regulations to require helmets used in GS, SG, and DH events to meet stronger certification standards. Last season, all USSA athletes except for masters were required to use the new helmets. Masters were granted an additional year for the transition to the new rules, to allow our national and division leadership time to communicate with our athletes about the new regulations and to ensure widespread availability of the new helmets from manufacturers.

    For the 2016-2017 season, the new helmet standard is REQUIRED for all USSA and FIS masters competitions. Please review the USSA regulations and ensure that for GS, SG, and DH events that you have a full-coverage helmet with the FIS "RH 2013" certification sticker.

    While there is understandable concern with a new regulation that requires all competitors to purchase new equipment, please bear in mind that the objective is to improve the safety of our sport. Helmets have a "life expectancy" and even without suffering an impact, it's wise to plan to replace your protective equipment regularly, just as we do with our race skis.

    Head injuries are serious, so having the best available protective equipment is an investment in your own well-being! Eddie Mozen has been a leader in raising awareness of the risk of concussions in alpine ski racing and supporting impact assessment programs for our Far West junior athletes through the Scholarship Program.

    We have had masters competitors suffer concussions, and it can be pretty scarey. Far West president Dan Simmons can attest personally to the importance of monitoring your health after a crash. Following a mid-season head impact that seemed healed, he began to have additional symptoms after the end of the season and ended up at Renown Hospital in Reno having emergency surgery for a subdural hematoma (that's a brain bruise, to us lay folk). Thankfully he is recovering, but it's a good reminder that the best possible helmet is a good investment.


  • Forerunner Changes and Membership Renewal

    As we approach the end of summer, your Far West Masters board is thinking about the start of the 2016-2017 season and making preparations for the coming race season.

    We have important announcements regarding the Forerunner newsletter and the membership renewal process for the coming season. The Board recently approved changes to better use of our funds by addressing the cost to print and mail the Forerunner. The Board has agreed that starting with the Fall 2016 membership renewal edition of the Forerunner, the primary format for distribution will by as a PDF sent by email and published on the farwestmasters.org web site, rather than a print copy mailed to all recent members as has been the practice in previous years.

    Members who had chosen to receive a printed copy of the Forerunner by mail with their 2015-2016 season membership will receive a mailed copy of the Fall 2016 edition.

    We strongly encourage all members to renew their Far West Masters membership for 2016-2017 online using SkiRaceReg.com, which is easier for you and saves considerable time and expense for membership VP Mary Feddis and other volunteers who assist in processing membership renewals. We will continue to provide a printable membership application with the fall Forerunner and on the web site that can be used to renew by mail, but we hope that the majority of our members will take advantage of the online renewal service.

    In order to make sure that no member misses any important information about the coming season and the membership renewal process, we will be mailing a postcard to all recent members who did not elect to receive print copies of the Forerunner. The postcard will include a reminder to renew your membership and will include pointers to the online renewal instructions.

    Lastly, the board also approved a change to increase the fee to receive print copies of the Forerunner newsletter from $5 to $15 for the coming year. This was done ensure that the fee covers the actual costs of printing and mailing three copies per year, from September to May.

    We expect the Fall Forerunner and membership renewal package to be available before the end of September. Schedule Director Mike Braun has put together a fantastic schedule for the coming season and we are very excited to be the host division for the National Championships at Mammoth Mountain, March 13-18, 2017.


  • Fall Board Meeting

    The Far West Masters Board of Directors will hold the Fall meeting on Sunday September 18, 2016, 1:30 PM at the Braun Residence in Mammoth Lakes. All members are welcome to attend and participate in the discussion.

    Discussion items currently planned for the meeting:

    • Reaffirmation of Board action to increase feel for mailed copies of the Forerunner newsletter to $15 along with postcard notice to members to renew on-line
    • 2016-17 Schedule
    • Preparation for Mammoth Nationals
    • Recruiting new members: college teams, NASTAR, parents...
    • Training Team Scoring
    • Continuation of Officials' race fee rebate

    If you have an item for board consideration please submit to Dan Simmons at president@farwestmasters.org.


  • Preliminary 2017 Race Schedule

    The preliminary 2016-2017 race schedule is now available. Schedule VP Mike Braun has worked hard to put together a race schedule which offers competitors opportunities to compete in all disciplines at areas around the Far West with a proven ability to host excellent events. Although there are still a few details being settled, we believe the preliminary schedule is essentially complete and should provide a fun season of racing opportunities.

    A highlight of the 2016-2017 season will be the National Championships hosted by Mammoth Mountain on March 13-18.

    The season opens in December at Mammoth Mountain with two SL races and a GS on the weekend on Dec. 3-4, following the now-traditional post Thanksgiving masters training camp week (preseason training camp details will be posted when available). A north shore event prior to the holidays comes on Dec. 17-18 with 2 SL races at Alpine Meadows.

    Following a break over the holiday period, which is always a busy time for most with family gatherings and early season skiing, racing resumes on Tahoe's South Shore with a 3 day event at Heavenly Valley. Friday features two GS races on the exciting East Bowl/World Cup track that was contested for the first time last season. The classic Viva Italia cup SL double-header on World Cup will be held on Saturday this season, with a third SL race on Sunday to wrap up the weekend.

    January continues with a return to Mammoth for 4 days of DH and SG speed racing on Jan. 19-22. DH training and 2 DH races will be held on Thursday and Friday, respectively. Racing continues with 2 SG races on Saturday and another SG on Sunday. This will be a great warmup opportunity for the March National Championships and is always a great event. The first DH and first SG race will also count for the 2017 National Speed series.

    Our Far West division schedule takes a short break in early February as competitors from throughout the western region gather at Park City UT. The 2017 North American event on the FIS International Masters Cup calendar is the FIS Masters Cup races on Feb. 3-5, with 2 SG races on Friday 2/3 followed by SL on Saturday and GS on Sunday. All races will be on the Payday run. The FMC event is also the Western Region championships for 2017 and both SG races will count for the 2017 National Speed series.

    Far West racing resumes at Northstar the following week on Feb. 9-12. The event kicks off on Thursday with open SG training for all racers, followed by 2 SG races on Friday 2/10. Saturday and Sunday will continue with GS races each day on the weekend. This should be a really good event on a fun race hill.

    The classic Mt. Rose McKinney Cup races will be held on Mar. 4-5 with two days of GS racing. The Silver Dollar venue is a great GS hill, long and challenging, and Mt. Rose always gives us a great welcome.

    The high point of the season will be the National Championships at Mammoth the week of Mar. 13-18. This is a 4-event championship, with DH racing on Mon-Wed, followed by SG for all groups on Thursday and GS/SL races on Friday and Saturday.

    Far West will also have a very special event the weekend prior to the national championships, with the World Cup women coming to Squaw Valley on Fri-Sat Mar. 10-11 for GS and SL races on the famed Red Dog race hill. This is a rare opportunity to see World Cup racing in person on one of our home hills, so plan on a stop at Squaw on your way to Mammoth if at all possible! Squaw is asking for volunteers to help with the event, so you can come as a spectator or get even closer to the action as part of the event crew. Visit WorldCupSquaw.com for event and volunteer information.

    The 2017 season wraps up with the season finals event returning to the Tahoe area with three days of racing at Squaw Valley on Mar. 30-Apr. 1. We will have 2 SG races on Thursday 3/30, 2 SL races on Friday 3/31, and finish with a GS race and the season finals banquet on Saturday 4/1. This is also the Bernard Cup trophy event, so there will be plenty of action to wrap up the season.


  • Dick Wood

    Very sad to share the news that Dick Wood passed away after a tough battle with cancer. Although he was unable to race much in recent years, Dick still joined us at the Mt. Rose race when he could to keep in touch with racing friends. For many years, Dick was a regular on the Far West circuit and one of our best racers.

    Join his wife Tamara along with family and friends at a Celebration of Life for Dick (Richard) Wood on Sat July 9th from 3pm to 7pm at Sky Tavern on Mt Rose Hwy (21130 Sky Tavern Rd, Reno). Bring stories and photos. This is a potluck so bring something to share if you can.


  • Spring awards news

    Although the Far West Masters season wrapped up at the end of March at Mammoth, there's still some exciting results to share! Gate de Mattei wrapped up his competition season travelling to Les Menuires FRA for the FIS Masters finals in April and returned home with a coveted crystal globe as he took top honors in the Men's 85-80 overall standings. Fantastic performance from a great competitor who is an inspiration to all of us that competitive excellence can be pursued at any age.

    The annual Al Sise Masters Skier of the Year awards were announced at the May USSA Congress awards banquet and Far West's Mihai Filimon was honored along with Northern Division's Lisa Densmore Ballard. Congratulations to Mihai on a great season and a phenomenal performance at the Big Sky National Champships!

    The 2017 Spyder National Masters team has also been announced, based on results from the national championships. Four Far West competitiors were named to the team: Mihai Filimon (M4), Pierre Jeangirard (M8), Deb Lewis (W8), and Carol Levine (W9).


  • Spring Forerunner newsletter

    The spring issue of the Forerunner newsletter is here!! The May issue has stories from the second half of the 2016 season, updates on the Far West Masters junior athlete scholarship program, and season wrapup from the finals at Mammoth.

    Click the link below to view the latest issue; previous issues of the Forerunner are all available on the Newsletters page.

    All members who paid for a print subscription with their membership will also receive a copy in the mail.