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Masters ski racing is the premier adult ski racing series in the country. We are governed by United States Ski & Snowboard competition rules, the sanctioning body in the US for organized ski racing at all levels from juniors up through international and Olympic competition.

Far West Masters organizes US alpine masters competition in the Far West division. Our yearly schedule includes all disciplines (SL, GS, SG, and DH), with races held mainly at ski areas in the central Sierras. Racers from 21 to over 80 years old compete in ten-year age groups.

Top News Items

  • May Forerunner newsletter

    The end-of-season May issue of the Forerunner newsletter is out with season wrapup and spring news stories to jog your skiing memories as everyone shifts into summer activities. Newsletter editor Hamish Butler has pulled together stories from the final events of our season, along with reports from the March FIS Masters World Criterium at Big Sky MT and news about some of our scholarship athletes.

    Click the link below to read online or download your copy. The March newsletter as well as previous issues of the Forerunner from past seasons are always available on the Newsletters page.

    Electronic copies of the Forerunner are sent out on the news email list to all recent members of Far West Masters. If you purchased a print subscription to the newsletter this season, you will also receive a copy in the mail.


  • Mammoth Season Finals info

    After a late-arriving burst of winter made March into a big snow month in the Sierras, Mammoth Mountain has a great base going into spring for hosting our Far West Masters season finals on Thu-Fri-Sat Apr. 12-14. As announceed in mid-March, we have changed the original event schedule to finish with SG and GS races, as a number of GS races on our original season schedule had to be changed to SL races during our dry January and February months. On Thursday, we will have two SG races, followed by 3 GS races on Fri-Sat.

    SG training will be available on Wednesday 4/11 for $25 for those who have the flexibility to arrive early. We encourage any who can make it to participate - any opportunity for speed training is a bonus. Having an opportunity to "get up to speed"" makes your race day safer and more fun!

    Our season banquet will be on Saturday evening. Signups are open on SkiRaceReg (be sure to click on the Races page or "Upcoming Races" in the left sidebar to access the banquet signup, which doesn't make it into the left sidebar). Price and additional details on the banquet will be posted when available later this week.

    Please also check your race signups to make sure you're entered in all three GS races on Friday and Saturday. The original signups for the Saturday SL were brought forward for the final GS #3, but if you want to race in the additional GS that was added you need to add that registration. (listed as "GS #2" on SkiRaceReg)

    The early registration deadline is Sunday night 4/8. Online registration will be open until 8pm Tue 4/10. Remember that you can cancel entries until the close of online registration, so even if you may have to change plans go ahead and register early.


  • May Speed Camp

    Thanks to our "miracle March" series of spring storms, conditions are looking for good for spring training camps. A Masters speed camp is being held on May 11-13 at Mammoth Mountain, focusing on speed tactics, aerodynamics, terrain situations, and the proper mindset. Coaches are former World Cup downhill star Marco Sullivan (a Far West scholarship alum!), Chris Brigham (former US and World Cup speed coach), and Pierre Jeangirard, the higly respected head coach of the Mammoth Masters program.

    Registration details are provided on the information page (link below). Discounted lift tickets and lodging packages at the Mammoth Mountain Inn are also available. Sign up early, we expect this to be a popular camp that will fill up soon!


  • Big Sky FIS Masters World Criterium

    A sizeable contingent of Far West racers joined competitors from around the US and 18 other countries at Big Sky MT the week of Mar. 19-24 for the 2018 FIS Masters World Criterium, the "world championships" of international masters racers. The field of over 300 competitors was split fairly evenly between US racers and athletes from other nations, including large teams from Italy, Austria, Japan, and Canada.

    The international flavor was apparent as soon as we arrived in Big Sky, with national team uniforms and diverse languages flavoring the Huntley race headquarters area as competitors came through to check in for the week's racing. Following a "warm up" day on Monday allowing competitors to ski the race venues and explore Big Sky, racing opened on Tuesday with the Group B (men 55+) SG on Big Horn and the Group C ladies opening with SL on Tippy's Tumble. Groups A (men 30-55) and C women had their SG races on Wednesday, with the men again on Big Horn and the women on Hangmans. All groups reported a good track for their SG races and fun racing!

    On Thursday the B men moved to SL on Tippys while C ladies ran GS on Hangmans. Several inches of new snow overnight required assistance from the competitors to help clear the race hills and prepare the track. The final Criterium races were held on Friday with A men running GS on Tippys and Group B on Hangmans for their GS. Once again all competitors started the morning by assisting the race crews to slip new snow and prepare the hill for racing.

    Friday evening a large turnout of competitors, family, and friends celebrated the conclusion of the Criterium races with a relaxing banquet dinner at the Huntley Lodge. The final day of racing on Saturday was a 1-run FIS Masters Cup GS for all groups. However, snow began falling heavily just at dawn and continued steadily as the race crew went up on the hill at 8am to begin course preparation and setting. With no letup in the snowfall rate, the jury met at 8:45 and decided to cancel the race for safety considerations - it was not possible to prepare and maintain a safe track for racing with the new snow. While some competitors packed and began their travels home early, others went out and enjoyed a final day of powder skiing before their departure.

    Many thanks to the Big Sky resort and to Jeremy Uedell's race crews, along with the organizing committee and many volunteers who helped put on this major event - it was a great week of racing!


  • Mammoth Season Finals schedule change

    Our final event of the 2018 season will the the season finals at Mammoth on Thu-Fri-Sat Apr. 12-14. On Thursday, we will have two SG races, followed by 3 GS races on Fri-Sat.

    *** SCHEDULE CHANGE: due to the number of scheduled GS races we have lost this season due to weather/conditions, we are changing the planned final Sat SL to a GS *and* adding a third GS that will be split across Fri/Sat so that we have 3 runs of GS each day for 3 races ***

    The season finals banquet will be held on Saturday evening. Details will be posted when available (we are working out the details on location and price with Mammoth)

    The early registration deadline is Sunday night 4/8. Online registration will be open until 8pm Tue 4/10. Remember that you can cancel entries until the close of online registration, so even if you may have to change plans go ahead and register early.


  • March Forerunner newsletter

    The mid-season edition of the Forerunner newsletter is out! It's been an up-and-down season for skiing in the Sierras, with some of our planned race schedule impacted by the warm and dry conditions, but despite a few changes to dates and discipline we've still managed to get most of our events off. Newsletter editor Hamish Butler has pulled together stories from the first half of our season, along with reports from the February national championships at Okemo VT and news about some of our scholarship athletes.

    Click the link below to read online or download your copy. The March newsletter as well as previous issues of the Forerunner from past seasons are always available on the Newsletters page.

    Electronic copies of the Forerunner are sent out on the news email list to all recent members of Far West Masters. If you purchased a print subscription to the newsletter this season, you will also receive a copy in the mail.


  • Mt Rose Schedule change

    Mt Rose schedule change: 2xSL on Saturday 3/10. The Mt Rose organizers have decided that we need to change next weekend's planned race schedule from Sat-Sun GS races to two SL races on Saturday. Although additional snow has fallen this week, the new snow is dry and light - great for powder skiing, not so good for setting up to provide a good race surface. We regret the loss of these GS races and the need to change our schedule, but Rose believes that SL races are our best option in order to put on a good event.

    We will be racing on the Slide side of Mt Rose, with checkin at the Winters Creek Lodge at the Slide Mountain base area. Mt Rose will be providing complimentary continental breakfast for all racers - a much appreciated welcome! Checkin will be 7:30-8:30am; start time will be announced when schedule finalized, but expect an early start (likely 9:30) with 4 race runs.

    All entries for Mt Rose GS races on SkiRaceReg will be retained - we have switched the discipline to SL and moved the second race to Saturday. All registered competitors have been notified by email. If you cannot race SL on Saturday, please log into your SkiRaceReg account and drop your entries before online registration closes at 8pm on Wed. 3/7.

    [03-03-2018 Sat 6am; updated 3/3 5:30pm]

  • Heavenly and Mt Rose Race Info

    Our next races are coming up on Friday March 9 with two SL races for the Viva Italia cup at Heavenly (rescheduled from the originally planned dates in early January) and the annual McKinney Cup races at Mt. Rose on the weekend.

    Coming in to the end of February, Mt Rose felt it was unlikely that we could hold the planned GS races due to limited coverage on some sections of the Silver Dollar race hill. However, the storms arriving this week are bringing much-needed snow and we may still be able to run GS. The fallback plan would be to switch to SL and run both races on Saturday 3/10. Decision is expected by the end of this week and we will get the word out to everyone by this weekend to allow time to plan travel arrangements.

    Race registration is open on SkiRaceReg.com - the early registration deadline is Sunday 3/4; online registration closes at 8pm on Wed. 3/7.


  • Northstar SL races

    While there was certainly some disappointment that we were not able to hold the planned SG-GS races at Northstar on Feb. 23-25, due to the limited snow coverage in this unusually dry winter, the revised weekend schedule of two SL races on Saturday and one on Sunday turned out to be an excellent event. The SL courses were set on the upper section of Loggers Loop and the race hill was in excellent condition, thanks to outstanding work by Eric Whittaker's race crew as well as the preparation by the Northstar grooming crews.

    Saturday's weather was surprisingly chilly, with overcast skies and strong winds making it a challenge for competitors and crew to stay warm through 4 runs of SL. We were all glad to convene at the post-race party for refreshments and warmth. (Thank you to Jeff Brown and Tahoe Mountain Realty for providing us with a comfortable space for our party!!)

    Making up for the unexpected dose of winter weather on Saturday, Sunday was a gorgeous day with sunny and warmer conditions making for a really fun final SL race. Everyone went home with smiles on their faces! Complete weekend results are posted on the Race Results page along with the updated Season Standings rankings for 2018.


  • Northstar Schedule Change

    From our Far West scheduling director Mike Braun:

    I wanted to get the word out to everyone regarding the schedule change for our upcoming races at Northstar. I have been in contact with the Northstar event staff and they have informed me that our scheduled Super-G's and GS races cannot take place, due to lack of snow at the bottom of the hill where those races would take place. The staff feels very confident that they can put on slalom races at the top of the hill and bring the finish up from the bottom.

    The slalom course will be very similar in length to the last races at Squaw and what we typically run at Heavenly. We felt that due to the limited venues and lack of snow this season, this would be a great option to get in some races up north.

    Therefore, we will not be racing Super-G on Friday and no GS on Saturday or Sunday. The current change and plan going forward will be 2 slalom races on Saturday, our awards party Saturday afternoon and then 1 slalom on Sunday. So that's 3 slalom races at Northstar on the weekend of February 24th - 25th.

    We will be getting out information next week on how changes will be made on skiracereg.com , and updated schedule times, etc.

    If there any changes to the above updated schedule we will let everyone know as soon as we hear.

    [07-Feb-2018; updated 2/13]

  • Mammoth SG's update and schedule change

    Our next races are coming up in less than two weeks with the popular annual speed weekend at Mammoth Mountain. The original schedule planned for 2 SG's on Friday, 2 more SG's on Saturday, and a fifth SG on Sunday. With the loss of our scheduled GS races in January at Heavenly and Squaw, however, discussions among FW officers and members have led to the decision to change the Sunday race to a GS.

    Race registration is open on SkiRaceReg.com - the early registration deadline is Sunday 1/28; online registration closes at 8pm on Wed. 1/31. All entries on SkiRaceReg for the Sunday SG #5 are being retained for the change to GS; all competitors signed up for in the event are being notified and there is plenty of time to update your entries if the change to GS is a factor for you.

    For those travelling to Mammoth, the lodging discount offer for competitors is good for bookings through this Friday Jan. 26, so if you're interested see the race announcement for details and check out your options before the end of the week.


  • National Championships and FIS Masters Criterium

    This season, US masters have the opportunity to compete in two major events. The annual Masters national championships will be held at Okemo VT on Feb. 6-10. The unusually early scheduling of our nationals in February was an adjustment made because in March the US will be hosting the FIS Masters World Criterium, the international masters "world championships", at Big Sky MT on Mar. 19-24. Both of these will be first-class events at proven venues known for offering outstanding masters racing conditions.

    The national championships at Okemo VT will have SG, AC (Alpine Combined, formerly called "Super Combined"), GS and SL. The Chief race hill where the SG and GS races will be held is a fantastic race hill - those who competed in the 2014 Nationals or in the Eastern championships in the past few years know that this is a great race hill for masters, with rolling terrain and plenty of speed. The SL races will be held on the adjacent Wardance race hill, also a good venue.

    While the Western US has had a slow start to the winter ski season, the East has been gotten a major dose of winter and has outstanding snow conditions. (And they've promised it will warm up over the coming weeks!) Registration is open on SkiRaceReg.com and the New England masters have provided great information on their web site to help visitors make travel plans.

    The FIS Masters World Criterium is *THE* big event on the international masters calendar and it is a privilege to host this event in the US. Big Sky is a proven and popular venue for masters and they are working hard preparing to host hundreds of masters from around the world. This is going to be a really fun event and interest is very high, so get your registration in and make your travel plans early!

    Note: there is a US entry quota of 200 athletes, which has already been reached. Entries from Group A (younger men 30-55) and Group C (all women) are still being accepted; additional signups for Group B (men 55+) will be put on a wait list in order of registration until we have final entry estimates from other national federations in early March. We hope to be able to get all interested US competitors into the event.


  • Fall Newsletter and Membership Package

    The Fall issue of the Forerunner newsletter is out! Click the link below to read online or download your copy. The Fall newsletter as well as previous issues of the Forerunner from past seasons are always available on the Newsletters page.

    Electronic copies of the Forerunner are sent out on the news email list to all recent members of Far West Masters. If you purchased a print subscription to the newsletter last season, you will also receive a copy in the mail.

    The Fall issue is packed with news about the upcoming season, including the complete season schedule and the Far West Masters membership package containing information on the 2017-2018 program and membership options for new and renewing members. Please get your Far West Masters membership in to Membership chair Mary Feddis by Nov. 13 so she has time to process everyone's application and ensure that our membership records and bib assignments are up-to-date for the coming season. Membership renewals received after the deadline are subject to a $5 late fee.

    (Note: late fees are only applicable to renewals. New members may join anytime during the season without late fees!)

    Online Membership Renewal: We're excited to be able to offer online membership renewal again this season through our Far West Masters race series on SkiRaceReg.com. The online membership options allow you to pay your membership dues using the same online account that you use to sign up for races and pay race entry fees. You will also have the option to purchase a print subscription to the Forerunner newsletter if you wish to receive a copy in the mail in addition to the electronic copy distributed to all members. Joining online is quick and easy, highly recommended!!

    Note: the first time you sign into your SkiRaceReg.com account at the start of the season, you will be told that your account is "inactive" and needs to be reactivated for the new season. You didn't do anything wrong, this happens every year!! We need to make sure that the contact and payment information for your account is up-to-date, so just follow the instructions on each page, it should only take a few minutes. We've put together a "FAQ" (Frequently Asked Questions) on about your SkiRaceReg.com account and the signup/renewal process, so take a look at that if you're not sure what's going on, or contact the Far West series administrators at raceadmin@farwestmasters.org if you need assistance.


  • 2018 Far West Membership

    Far West Masters membership will open on SkiRaceReg.com for the 2018 season in the first week of October, along with race registration for the coming season. The season membership information is now available and the fall issue of the Forerunner newsletter will be published soon!


  • 2018 U.S. Ski & Snowboard Membership

    We are no longer USSA masters - USSA is gone. (say what?!)

    But fear not - our familiar USSA has relaunched the organization with a new name and imaging this summer to better represent its role in an increasingly diverse world of snow sports competition. Alpine sking is part of a larger family along with nordic skiing, snowboarding, freestyle, and freeskiing. So we are now part of U.S. Ski & Snowboard, with a #OneTeam theme that emphasizes the collaboration and sharing among snow sports competitors.

    Alpine masters membership renewals are due Oct. 15. Masters membership dues has increased by $10 this season to $100. Late fees apply to all renewals after the deadline, so don't procrastinate! Short-term masters memberships will cost $20 per day and may be purchased for two events during the season (one or more days per event purchase).

    If you are interested in competing in the FIS Masters World Criterium at Big Sky MT in March, you must also purchase a FIS Masters license with your masters membership. (If not purchased with your membership, the FIS license can be added later in the season by contacting U.S. Ski & Snowboard Membership.)


  • Preliminary 2018 Schedule

    The preliminary 2017-2018 race schedule is now available. Schedule VP Mike Braun has worked hard to put together a race schedule which offers diverse competition opportunities at areas in Far West with a proven ability to host excellent events. Although there are still a few details being settled, we believe the preliminary schedule is essentially complete and should provide a fun season of racing opportunities.

    Returning competitors will notice a few changes from "the usual" in this season's schedule. The annual masters national championships will be held in the East this season, on the relatively early dates of Feb. 6-10 which in previous seasons has typically been when the western region championships are held. The national championship Downhill will be hosted by Rocky Mountain at Ski Cooper on Mar. 8-11. Our "big event" in the west this season is a big deal for masters everywhere: the FIS Masters World Criterium will be held at Big Sky MT on Mar. 19-24. This is the world championships of international masters racing and we expect a big field from around the world attending. The last Criterium held in North America at Mammoth Mountain in 2012, so it's a big deal to be able to have this fun event once again returning to the US.

    Our Far West season opens in December with a few changes from recent seasons as well. The season kicks off at Mammoth Mountain with two SL races on Saturday Dec. 2, following the traditional post Thanksgiving masters training camp week (preseason training camp details will be posted when available). We return to Mammoth two weeks later for two GS races on Dec. 16-17. Mammoth is one of the few areas with reliable early season conditions that can host a GS before the holiday break, so we think this is a great opportunity to add GS to our early season mix of disciplines.

    Following a break over the holiday period, racing resumes on Tahoe's South Shore with a 3 day event at Heavenly Valley on Jan. 5-7. Friday features two SL races leading into GS races on Saturday and Sunday. The Viva Italia Cup weekend is one of our classic events and we're looking forward to exploring some new race terrain as Heavenly has renewed their commitment to racing in recent seasons.

    Our second event in January is another classic: the Bernard Cup at Squaw Valley on Jan. 19-21. We will be racing GS on Friday and Saturday, wrapping up with SL on Sunday.

    February opens with 3 days of SG racing at Mammoth Mountain on Feb. 2-4. After a break for the Okemo national championships the week of Feb. 6-10, Far West racing resumes with a three-day event at Northstar on Feb. 23-25, featuring 2 SG races on Friday and GS races on Saturday and Sunday.

    On March 10-11, the McKinney Cup will offer two days of GS racing at Mt. Rose. Our Far West schedule takes another break in mid-March to allow competitors the opportunity to head to Big Sky for the FIS Masters World Criterium. Big Sky is a rightfully popular venue for masters, with great race hills and a welcoming Montana ambience, and the international flavor will add spice to the event.

    The season finals will be held at Mammoth on April 12-14. There will be two SG races on Thursday, GS on Friday, and wrap up with SL and the season finals banquet on Saturday.