Far West Masters - Viva Italia Trophy
Masters Racing with Italian Passion

The Viva Italia Trophy was created by John Gianotti in 1982 to honor the passion of the Viva Italia!!!! spirit he so inimitably brought and shared with all who raced with him throughout his own stellar career as a masters competitor and champion. The Viva Italia cry honored many victory celebrations, yet its essence is expressed by John's answer to the inevitable race-day question "So how was your run?":

It was the best run on my life!!!

The original Viva Italia trophy was begun in 1982 and presented by John as a special award at the season awards banquet, using an ever-changing selection criteria known only to him and revealed to the expectant audience with great fanfare (and general hilarity). In 1997, John changed the award to a special trophy presented to the fastest man and woman in the annual SL at Heavenly Valley, his racing and skiing home, using an age-handicapping formula similar to the Bernard Cup combined trophy scoring.

We lost John Gianotti in 2020, after a eventful and joyful life, but his passion for masters ski racing lives on as we celebrate gathering on the race hill for the Viva Italia cup.

The 2023 Viva Italia winners are Nancy Gieske (W08) and Tim Stewart (M10). The winners each year, with the age class they competed in:

Year Men  Women 
Age-Handicap Scoring
2023 Tim StewartM10 Nancy GeiskeW08
2022 Wenceslao Lada MunozM08 Linda CrowellW09
2021 (not held due to covid pandemic)
2020 Ara PapazianM06 Liesl PankeW06
2019 Doug FultonM08 Deb LewisW08
2018 Mihai FilimonM04 Andrea LevyW01
2017 Tim HillM06 Carol LevineW09
2016 Pierre JeangirardM08 Deb LewisW08
2015 Kurt BeldenM07 Deb LewisW08
2014 Kurt BeldenM07 Linda CrowellW07
2013 Ara PapazianM04 Deb LewisW07
2012 John MukavitzM05 Carol LevineW08
2011 Kurt BeldenM06 Julie RolfeW07
2010 Kurt BeldenM06 Deb LewisW07
(10-year age classes)
2009 Kurt BeldenM50 Julie RolfeW50
2008 Pavel BosinM50 Julie RolfeW50
2007 Brian BowldsM50 Linda CrowellW50
2006 Bill SkinnerM50 Deb Lewis W50
2005 Pierre JeangirardM50 Linda CrowellW50
2004 Harold WescottM70 Deb LewisW40
2003 Stan BeachM40 Deb LewisW40
2002 (not held)
2001 Harold WescottM60 Deb LewisW40
2000 Stan BeachM60 Donna CollignonW40
1999 Bill SkinnerM40 Samantha GreeneW20
1998 Randall SussekM30 Heidi LittenbergW30
1997 Pierre JeangirardM40 Glenn McConkeyW50
Gianotti Criteria
1996    Glenn McConkey 
1995 Gaetano De Mattei    
1994 Marshall & Maretta Fogel 
1993 Kelly Palermo    
1992 Al Sangunetti    
1991 Henry Kristaponis    
1990 Terry Greenlee    
1989    Georgene Bihlman and Betty 
1988 Doug Ballanger    
1987 Rees Palermo    
1986    Cookie Cookingham 
1985 S. Pool    
1984 Gary Mouck    
1983    Rosie Moschel 
1982 Bob Bernard