Far West Masters - Mt. Rose
McKinney Cup & Silver Dollar Derby

The Silver Dollar Derby trophy was awarded at the Mt. Rose race weekend between 1985 and 2002 to the man and woman with the fastest total combined time for the weekend races. Starting in 2003, the Mt. Rose trophy became the McKinney Cup.

The McKinney Cup is sponsored by Rees Palermo in recognition of the racing accomplishments of Tamara McKinney and in memory of members of her family - Steve, McLane, and Frances McKinney. The McKinney family started out skiing in Far West at Mt. Rose and became one of the most memorable ski racing families ever, higlighted by the success of Tamara and her World Cup accomplishments. The McKinney Cup is a perpetual trophy on display over the mantle of the fireplace in the Mt. Rose lodge. As with the traditional Mt. Rose Silver Dollar Derby which it succeeds, the McKinney Cup is awarded to the man and woman racer with the fastest total time for the entire weekend.

The 2022 McKinney Cup winners are Linda Crowell (W09) and Ara Papazian (M06). The winners each year, with the age class they competed in:

Year Men  Women 
McKinney Cup
2022 Ara PapazianM06 Linda CrowellW09
2021 (event cancelled due to covid restrictions)
2020 Mihai FilimonM04 Liesl PankeW06
2018 (event cancelled due to weather)
2018 Mihai FilimonM04 Andrea LevyW06
2017 Mihai FilimonM04 Andrea LevyW06
2016 (event cancelled due to weather)
2015 Mike ShklovskiM03 Annette MirvissW06
2014 Mike ShklovskiM03 Leslie MarcacciW01
2013 Matt SavageM01 Carol LevineW08
2012 Ara PapazianM04 Carol LevineW08
2011 Seth Cronin-WiltonM02 Linda CrowellW07
2010 Jason ChristopherM01 Caroline LabrecqueW03
2009 Ara PapazianM40 Liesl PankeW40
2008 Ara PapazianM30 Julie RolfeW50
2007 Kurt BeldenM40 Cory RitchieW30
2006 Dan GallaherM20 Danielle PalermoW40
2005 George CrownM30 Liesl PankeW30
2004 George CrownM30 Cory RitchieW20
2003 John TsamasfyrosM30 Deb LewisW40
Silver Dollar Derby
2002 John MukavitzM30 Heidi LittenbergW30
2001 Andy Good  Danielle PalermoW30
2000 Pierre JeangirardM40 Donna CollignonW40
1999 Brian CarlucciM30 Danielle PalermoW30
1998 Pierre JeangirardM40 Gina OrozcoW30
1997 Gary CollignonM40 Brooks ChandlerW30
1996 Rees PalermoM40 Danielle PalermoW30
1992 Toot JoslinM40 Deb LewisW30
1990 Matt WaddingtonM30 Sonja Danielson 
1989 Matt WaddingtonM30 Linda Kahrau 
1987 Grant Wells  Norma LausmannW60
1986 Jorg DutschkeM40 Michelle Nugent 
1985 David Keller  Gina Fogel-LeifesteW20