Far West Masters - Bernard Cup
Masters Racing at Squaw Valley/Palisades Tahoe

The Bernard Cup was founded and sponsored by Bob Bernard each year at the Squaw Valley race weekend. Bob played a key role in growth of masters ski racing in the 1980's and 1990's and created the "Bernard Cup" age handicapping system to provide a way to recognize outstanding skiing across the entire wide spectrum of masters age classes.

Although Bob is no longer with us, his spirit remains and the Bernard Cup continues to be one of our premier events on the Far West Masters race schedule each season.

The Bernard Cup is awarded to the top man and women racer in the overall (age-handicapped) standings of the race weekend Palisades Tahoe (Olympic Valley) (known as Squaw Valley until the 2021-2022 season). The Palisades race venue is one of the most challenging races on our Far West calendar and the Bernard Cup has been won by outstanding racers of all ages since it was established in 1985.

The 2023 Bernard Cup winners are Carol Levine (W10) and Scott Malmsten (M09). The winners each season, with the age class they competed in:

Season Men  Women 
2033 Scott MalmstenM09 Carol LevineW10
2022 Wenceslao Lada MunozM08 Annette MirvissW07
2020 Kurt BeldenM08 Carol LevineW10
2019 Kurt BeldenM08 Carol LevineW10
2018 Tim StewartM09 Andrea LevyW01
2017 Pierre JeangirardM08 Emily AndrewsW08
2016 Blair WallaceM09 Carol LevineW09
2015 Kurt BeldenM07 Deb LewisW08
2014 Tim StewartM08 Deb LewisW07
2013 Tim StewartM08 Ingrid BraunW05
2012 Dave GarnerM09 Carol LevineW08
2011 Kurt BeldenM06 Deb LewisW07
2010 Kurt BeldenM06 Deb LewisW07
2009 Kurt BeldenM50 Liesl PankeW40
2008 Kurt BeldenM50 Julie RolfeW50
2007 Pierre JeangirardM50 Keely FergusonW30
2006 Toni PraxmarerM60 Linda CrowellW50
2005 Toni PraxmarerM60 Linda CrowellW50
2004 Kurt BeldenM40 Sandy HoganW60
2003 Tony PraxmarerM60 Sandy HoganW60
2002 Buck ThysM70 Deb LewisW40
2001 Stan BeachM60 Glenn McConkeyW50
  Bill SkinnerM40   
2000 Tim ItinM40 Samantha GreeneW20
1999 John GianottiM70 Norma LausmannW70
1998 Gary CollignonM40 Glenn McConkeyW50
1997 Dick WoodM60 Glenn McConkeyW50
1996 Hans PretschererM50 Glenn McConkeyW50
1995 Pierre JeangirardM40 Glenn McConkeyW50
1994 Bob BernardM70 Marietta FogelW50
1993 Toot JoslinM50 Donna CollignonW30
1992 D. D. DavidsonM60 Donna CollignonW30
1991 Otto TschudiM40 Georgene BihlmanW60
1990 John GianottiM60 Norma LausmannW60
1989 John GianottiM60 Norma LausmannW60
1988 Jack IndrelandM60 Pat EckartW50
1987 Bob BernardM60 Norma LausmannW60
1986 Toot JoslinM40  
1985 David GarnerM30