JULY 12, 2008 – 2 pm

Teddy Cantanho’s – Gardnerville, NV


Board members present: Sam Crowell, Rees Palermo, Elizabeth Kennedy, Sandy Hogan, Mark Smallhouse, Marcie Pettigrew, Don Smith (old board)

Board members absent: Marietta Frinnell (recovering from surgery)

Interested members present: Mike Kennedy, Gary Mouck, Linda Crowell

Minutes of fall meeting were reviewed.  They were sent out in the fall for board approval, but only one person responded to Sandy. It was noted that they had been placed on the website before being approved, and that “silence was not assent”.  It is the responsibility of each board member to review and respond; all agreed to do so in future.  Elizabeth moved, Mark seconded: Minutes Approved

Old Business:

  -  Results of the April election: Marietta Frinnell, President; Mark Smallhouse, Treasurer; Sandy Hogan, Secretary.  Don moved to approve the results, Elizabeth seconded the motion.  Motion Approved

  -   With the election of Marietta to President, Marcie Pettigrew has been serving in Marietta’s old position as “Acting” VP-Membership.  Sandy moved to make Marcie’s appointment permanent for the balance of Marietta’s term (1 year), Rees seconded the motion, which was Approved


 - Board member reports:

        Treasurer: Mark passed out the P& L statement, and the board reviewed it.  A discussion of sponsors followed.  Sam will be the contact with Granite Chief, Mark to contact Lausmann Lumber.  Sandy moved to approve the treasurer’s report, Elizabeth seconded. Report Approved.

        Mark gave an update on the FWM incorporation status, which he reinstated a few years ago.  We are a Nevada non-profit corporation (though not an IRS501(c)(3).  Sandy gave him the corporate minute books, which he will organize and update.  

        Secretary: Sandy conducted a review of the two boxes of pre-incorporation files, and the corporate book, minutes, and policies. 

     Disposition of files (taken out of order from New Business):  Board reviewed a files inventory, and made recommendations about future disposal.  Sandy consulted Deb Lewis previously; her recommendations are included. 

     Policies:  In reviewing the records, Sandy found several discrepancies concerning membership requirements, exceptions, etc.  After board discussion, Sam will do some follow-up research, and this topic will be scheduled for the fall board meeting.

        VP – Communications: Elizabeth will again include membership information in the first Forerunner, to go out before Sept 15.  Elizabeth will draft a list of proposed dates for 2009 publications and send to the board for informal approval. 

     The next discussion concerned placing the Forerunner on the website, e-mailing it, and continued hard copy mailing.  Elizabeth suggested that the membership application be modified to include a place for members to indicate their preference, so that those wishing hard copies will still receive it. The board supported this approach, depending upon the outcome of discussions between Elizabeth and Deb (website link and e-mail possibilities), and between Marcie and Deb (modification of the application).  The mailing list also needs to be cleaned up, and with this option, a database can be created for more efficient electronic e-mailing. 

        VP – Membership: Marcie noted that she and Deb need to get together so that she can modify electronic information using a MacIntosh, as it’s not compatible with the program that we run now.  This includes access to the membership form, mailing lists, etc.  Marietta sent the membership numbers for the past season: 191, with 28 new members.  Many of the new members signed up because of the Nationals at MMSA.  Board discussion - this is a VERY low number of members, overall.  This trend is a national trend, too.

        Past President: Sam – no report

        VP –Scheduling:  Rees noted that he had a good tentative schedule worked out with the ski areas in April, and then everything changed during the past 3 weeks due to the lateness of the Junior race scheduling, which takes precedence with ski areas over FWM scheduling.  The FW Junior Championships caused some major shifts in the schedule, which is still very tentative.  Rees reviewed the schedule, accepting board comments concerning specific races.  He will try to finalize the schedule with the ski areas, based upon the comments.  Rees also gave the board background information concerning the various ski areas and their varied support of FWM.  We will have an agenda topic for the fall meeting to discuss how we might lessen the burden upon ski areas so as to avoid increases in racer fees, etc. 

  - Mission Statement survey: Sandy noted that we got good input from members a while ago concerning mission statement elements.  Board suggested that Marietta appoint an ad hoc committee to prepare a draft for the fall board meeting.

 - National Age class: Sandy noted that we have now received a good number of surveys. After discussion, the board decided that this subject will be discussed in conjunction with the topic of reducing costs (awards) to ski areas at the fall meeting.


New Business:

  -  Due to Marietta’s absence, and after discussion, the proposal to create 2 new board positions was postponed until the fall meeting, when she will be present.


-  Member proposal to drop use of outside gates in FWM races.  The board concurred that this would not meet USSA or FIS standards.

-  Date/place for fall meeting:  Rees will send out the meeting date; he will host the board meeting in Verdi, Nevada, following the fall officials’ meeting.


 -  Adjourn:  Mark moved to adjourn, seconded by Rees.  Sam adjourned the meeting at 5:24 pm.


  -   Approximately 20 members, plus children, enjoyed food & drink afterward.  Thanks to Teddy Cantanho for hosting the meeting and social!