Far West Masters

Fall Meeting Minutes

6 October, 2007

Palermo Residence, Verdi, NV


3:15 pm Call to Order:  President Sam Crowell

Board Members Present:

Sam Crowell

Rees Palermo

Mark Smallhouse

Don Smith

Elizabeth Kennedy

Sandy Hogan



Eddie Mozen


Old Business


1)  July 2007 Minutes

The minutes were passed around for all to review. 

Motion to Approve, Elizabeth; seconded by Don. Motion Approved.


Discussion followed concerning the process to post current minutes on the website.  Mark moved to send minutes out to the board for review and approval (by a quorum) by the end of October, and then they can be posted on website.  Rees seconded the motion.  In discussion, Sandy noted that she will be on vacation and not returning until the end of October, so minutes won’t be sent to the Board until she returns.  Motion approved.


2)  Race Items




3)      Sponsorship Update: 

·        Discussion on the proposed “Gypsy Dancer” wine sponsor (Willamette Valley).  Elizabeth, others haven’t been able to find out where to buy it, nor find the website.  Rees noted that it’s www.gypsydancerestates.com; phone is 503.628.0955.  The proposal was for FWM members to join their wine club, and then Rees would contact Gary Andrus, formerly of Pine Ridge, to see about potential sponsorship.

·        Eddie reported that last year the Subaru sponsorship went well, other events less, due to cancellations and short season.

·        Discussion: can we do raffles at the Nationals?  Eddie will check with Skinner first.

·        Sam:  no check yet from Granite Chief (due last March); Mark reported that we haven’t gotten a check from Lausmann Lumber, either.  Sam will follow up personally with Granite Chief.


4)      Treasurer’s Report:  Mark Smallhouse:  no formal report, but only one check since last report

      (Forerunner expense, $1,271.82).  Discussion followed re: need to get out of B of A, as they are

      very restrictive, located in City of Industry, difficult to deal with.  Mark will check out US Bank,

      possibly deposit membership funds there, and close out B of A.  Discussion of prudent reserves,

      discussion of party budget increase will be under new business.


5)      Membership Survey:  Sandy led a discussion about the results of the membership survey.  Much of the discussion centered upon the 5-year age issue, as the results were divided, and this seems to be a hot issue.  Multiple races on one day has been implemented with success a few

Times.  Other items need “champions” to provide leadership, since survey results were in

      favor of implementing these.  Only one item was clearly not supported by the respondents, the

      subsidy of new racers.  Sandy will draft a summary of the discussion for Board review and

      approval, then it will become a report to the membership, posted on the website (and in the

      newsletter).  She will research these a bit more, and also provide more analysis (pros and cons)

      concerning the 5-year age classes so that we can get more/better input from the members on this

      topic.  The mission statement findings will be delegated to a committee.  Sandy will check re:

      interest from Marietta, possibly others.


6)      Newsletter:  Elizabeth Kennedy reported that the first issue combined with the membership

      mailing resulted in an overall savings, and seemed to go well.  Next newsletter will go out after

      the Viva Italia race.  Articles for the next edition should go to Sandy by 12/31 to meet

      Elizabeth’s target mailing date.


7)      Membership Report:  Marietta not present, but sent a report through Sandy that she has received 68 memberships as of 10/5. 



New Business:


1)      Nationals Qualifications requirements for host division:  Discussion noting that more FWM

Racers may want to go than quota allows, although historically we’ve been able to fit everyone in.  Reminder to all that for the 2007/2008 season they need 4 starts minimum, or 6 starts the previous year.  Also, they must be a USSA member, and a FW member.  Sam will draft the criteria for a flyer, Don will review it.  Marietta has mailing labels.  Target date to send to membership: November.



    2)   Under 18 Racers:  There was a brief discussion about the need to develop a policy about what to

          do if we have racers under the age of 18.  No decision was reached as to whether this is necessary

          or not.


     3) Party budget policy:  Discussion concerning whether to increase the budgeted amount for

   parties (as needed) from $300 to $400.  Example:  Randall needs to know soon, as he will probably

  schedule a FWM party again for the Clocktower, since that has gone so well.  Elizabeth moved to

   increase the budget to $400, and it was seconded.  Motion passed  unanimously.



     4)  It was moved to adjourn, and the Motion passed.  Meeting adjourned.