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Far West Masters

Summer Meeting Minutes

14 July 2007

Crowell Residence, Incline Village, NV


1:45 pm Call to Order:  President Sam Crowell

Board Members:

Sam Crowell

Reese Palermo

Mark Smallhouse

Don Smith

Elizabeth Kennedy



Doug Fulton

Eddie Mozen

Sandy Hogan


Volunteer Recorder:

Karl Brown


14 October 2006 Minutes

Motion to Approve, Reese

Second, Elizabeth

No discussion requested

Approval by voice vote with no dissent


Old Business

Advertising Guidelines and Fee Schedule for Forerunner—Sandy Hogan

Preliminary discussion of Draft Ad Policy

Newsletter can be designed around multi-issue ads

Motion to Approve Policy as written with clarification that listed rates are per season, Don

Second, Mark

Approval by voice vote with no dissent.


Membership Report:  Postponed until next meeting, due to Marietta’s absence.


Race Items

1)  2007-08 Schedule—Rees Palermo

Traditional opening weekend at Mammoth is not on proposed schedule

Mixed message is being received by Board members from Mammoth (Sam)

Southern part of schedule is important (Don)

Mammoth is a reliable race because of altitude, snowmaking, and race department (Eddie)

Rees requests formal Board guidance

Motion to add 1-2 December 2007 SL/SL @ Mammoth to the race schedule, Don

Second, Elizabeth

No additional discussion

Approval by voice vote with one dissent (Mark)

2007-08 Schedule (continued)


15-16 SL/SL December at Alpine Meadows

Eddie: Sugar Bowl is also a desirable site for reliable early slalom racing

6 January SL/SL at Heavenly Valley

Request to Reese to seek alternatives to double race at HV 6 January

Reese: per HV, Saturday race at HV is not possible

Eddie:  Saturday race and party is desirable for Viva Italia event

Discussion prompted by consideration of Sierra-at-Tahoe for Saturday race

Karl:  host area record and abilities should be prime consideration for race site selection

Karl:  some members traveling long distances want early decisions on race cancellation

 12-13 Jan SL/GS at Kirkwood

            Board recognizes desire by some members to avoid mixing events on race weekends

            This principle is followed for most of the schedule

            Some mixed weekends are desirable (e.g. Kirkwood)

26-27 Jan GS/GS at Squaw Valley

            SG and SL events get mixed reviews from membership

            Friday race is difficult for race department

1-3 Feb SG/SG/SG at Mammoth

            Flexibility should be maintained for this weekend

 (e.g. substitute SL and/or Super Combi in the event of inclement weather)

Mark:  request discussion on Super Combi rules at next Board meeting (action)

This event should be proposed for inclusion in Speed Series (action)

23-24 February TBD

            Reese:  possibilities are GS/GS at Homewood and SL/SL at Diamond Peak

            Karl:  SL/SL at Sugar Bowl is also a desirable race venue

3-6 Mar DH/DH/DH at Mammoth

            Consensus that this event should remain part of season points races

8-9 Mar Gs/GS at Alpine Meadows

17-22 Mar Nationals at Mammoth

Eddie:  FWM rep at Nationals (deferred to New Business)

29-30 Mar SL/SL at Mt. Rose

            Reese:  Event pushed to later in season by circumstances, SG is not reliable this late in season

4-6 Apr GS/GS at Sugar Bowl

            Reese: Event moved up one week due to schedule conflicts (Karl:  early date more reliable?)


2)  Officials Race Assignments


Treasurer’s Report:  Mark Smallhouse


Newsletters:  Elizabeth Kennedy

Preliminary discussion of newsletter timing; second newsletter issue to remain in December after first race(s); first newsletter to also include information that would have been in the 4th 2007 newsletter, and also membership application and information.  Elizabeth will follow up to check with Marietta to be sure that this will work


Motion to move up first newsletter, combining with membership renewal mailing. Mark

Second, Don

Approval by voice vote, no dissent


New Business


1)  Participation in Nationals at Mammoth

Proposal by Eddie to assign FW Masters representative to monitor Mammoth organizers

Discussion about need to insure Master’s protocols and expectations are met

No Action


2)  Race Cancellation and Notification Policy

(Discussion occurred during scheduling item)


3) Appointment of New Secretary

Liesl Panke has resigned at Secretary

Motion to appoint Sandy Hogan at Secretary for Balance of Liesl’s term, Don

Second, Elizabeth

Question (Reese) as to need for membership confirmation

Not necessary (checked during Elizabeth’s interim appointment to Newsletter post)

Approval by voice vote, no dissent


4)      FIS Masters Equipment Rule Changes

Announcement of shift of most rules to “recommendations” for Masters, other than SG lengths


5)      Deferred Item: Proposal for More Compensation for Officials

Preliminary discussion

Need to recruit more officials, especially on TD track

Questioning of need for compensation for volunteers?

Poll of Board members shows wide difference of opinions

Motion for compensation to TDs (only) for race fee and $10 meal allowance (only upon request), Mark

(Clarification: to be through FWM with no involvement of area race department)

Second, Sandy

No additional discussion

Ayes:  Mark, Elizabeth, Sandy, Reese

Nos:  Don

Abstention: Sam (President)

Motion Carries


6)      Additional Items for Next Board Meeting

Review Super Combi Rules

Review qualification system for Nationals as applies to host division

Get update on sponsorships including Skier’s Edge


Motion to adjourn, Mark

Second, Don

Approval by voice vote, no dissent

4:00 pm


Next Meeting:  October 6, 2007 – Palermos (Reno)

            9 am –3 pm  – Officials training and refresher meeting

            3-5 pm – Board Meeting