Granite Chief Far West Masters

Fall Board Meeting

October 14, 2006



A Board Meeting of the Far West Masters was held Saturday, October 14, 2006 at the home of Danielle & Rees Palermo in Verdi, NV.

President Sam Crowell called the meeting to order at 3:20PM. 

Board Members Present: Sam Crowell, Rees Palermo, Elizabeth Kennedy, Mark Smallhouse and Don Smith

Interested members attending: Sally Brew, Eddie Mozen, Sandy Hogan and Linda Crowell


A quorum of 5 board members was present; therefore official business was conducted.


Approval of Minutes:  The minutes from the July 8, 2006 summer meeting were approved.


Race Issues:

Updated Schedule:  Race at Mt. Rose Jan 6 has been added since Heavenly will no longer permit races on Saturdays.  Sam will contact John Gianotti regarding the Viva Italia party and where it should be held.  Sunday race will still be at Heavenly.  Mammoth SG has been added March 2, the Friday before June Mt.  And the Mammoth downhill with the Juniors has also been added to the schedule.

Update on letter to ski areas requesting waiving of late fees for new racers applying for temporary licenses:  Elizabeth will draft a letter and Rees will send it to the ski areas.

Officials Race Assignments:  Rees and Don are still working on assignments.

Race Coordinator Assignments:  Elizabeth and Mike Kennedy are working on getting people for each of the races.


Old Business:

Sponsorships:  $1500 received from Herb Manning at Granite Chief.  Sam will send a letter to Joe Lausmann reminding him of the $500 due October 1.

Membership Survey:  Survey put together by Marietta Frinell and Sandy Hogan will be included in the first Forerunner issue for the race season.


Treasurer’s Report:

Mark Smallhouse presented a tentative budget for 2006-2007.  Keeping to our $300 budget for after-race parties was discussed.  Mark indicated that our checking account is located in a Bank of America branch in Southern California and it is difficult to deal with it since it is so far away.  Motion made by Rees Palermo to open a new bank  account at Heritage Bank in Reno and close the account at  BofA.  Motion seconded by Elizabeth Kennedy and passed unanimously.


Newsletter Report:

Elizabeth reported that the first issue of the Forerunner is set to go out soon.  It will include the membership survey.  There was discussion on adding a question in the membership survey asking members if they would opt to have the Forerunner e-mailed instead of mailed.  The cost savings would be significant.


New Business:  There was discussion on sponsorship vs. advertising vs. announcements in the Forerunner and in general.  Board agrees we want sponsors and advertising.  Price for ad space in the Forerunner was discussed.  It was agreed that the price should be $500 for a full page, $250 for a half page, $125 for a quarter page and $75 for a third of a column.  Sponsoring FarWest Masters, such as Granite Chief does,   includes having the sponsors names on our bibs,  their logo on the Forerunner, ad space, access to our mailing list , logo on our web site, a link on our web site and a banner at our races  (sponsor pays for banner separately).  Board decided to have Sandy and Sam set up perimeters and guidelines for advertising requesting to place ads in the Foreunner and on the web site.


The meeting was adjourned at 4:50PM


Respectively submitted by:   Linda Crowell, Temporary Secretary