Granite Chief Far West Masters

Fall Board Meeting

October 8, 2005



A Board Meeting of the Far West Masters was held Saturday, October 8, 2005 at the home of Danielle & Rees Palermo in Verdi, NV.

President Don Smith called the meeting to order at 3:30PM. 

Board Members Present: Don Smith, Linda Crowell, Rees Palermo, Elizabeth Kennedy.

Interested members attending:  Sam Crowell and Gayle DeMattei –Operations Coordinator


A quorum of 4 board members was present; therefore official business was conducted.


Old Business:  Discussion regarding item presented by Eddie Mozen at summer meeting to for Far West Masters to sponsor Ara Papazian to the tune of $1000 to go to the 2006 Olympics.  Some members felt the money should go to kids instead of someone who could afford to pay.  Some members felt it would be a great thing for FarWest Masters to support someone going to the Olympics.  After more discussion, a motion was made by Linda Crowell to give $500 to Ara and Pierre to support them at the Olympics.  Motion was denied by a count of 3 to 2.  An article will appear in the newsletter and on the web site encouraging anyone who would like to contribute to do so.


Approval of Minutes:  The minutes from the July 9, 2005 summer meeting were approved with the following change:  That Rees Palermo was re-elected as V.P. of Scheduling in the Election Results.


Race Issues:  There is a new item in the FarWest Handbook regarding receipts at race day for people signing up for that day’s race.  Gayle will check on the USSA web site and get the appropriate paperwork.

Rees was notified October 3, 2005 by Buck at Heavenly that they could not do the slalom on Jan 7, 2006 as previously scheduled.  They are able to do 2races (4 runs) on Sunday.  Rees is going to check on other options and get back to the Board.


New Business:  A suggestion was made by Marietta by e-mail that the Board give recognition to Heidi Littenberg and Deb Lewis for all their efforts and contributions.  Board is in agreement – more discussion to follow when Marietta is present.  Monetary value set at approximately $100 each.  Elizabeth will look into nice plaques, possibly jewelry.

There was a question by Deb Lewis regarding reimbursement of expenses to her for our web site.  She asked about notifying the Board to pre-authorize payment.  Board authorizes Deb Lewis to spend up to $250 annually for miscellaneous expenses without consultation.

Gayle DeMattei reported that Eddie Mozen says the new bibs may not be ready by the Mammoth races.  He also ordered #900-#939 bibs in place of the old temporary bibs for new racers.  A $20 deposit will be required for return of these bibs.  A contingency plan needs to be set up to return money and collect bibs at each race.


The meeting was adjourned at 4:40PM


Respectively submitted by:   Linda Crowell, Secretary