Granite Chief Far West Masters

Fall Board Meeting

October 9, 2004



A board meeting was held Saturday, October 9, 2004 at the home of Danielle and Rees Palermo in Verdi, NV.

President Don Smith called the meeting to order at 3:20PM

Board members present: Don Smith, Linda Crowell, Rees Palermo, Heidi Littenberg, Mark Smallhouse and Elizabeth Kennedy.

Interested members attending: Sam Crowell and Gayle DeMattei


A quorum of 6 board members was present; therefore official business was conducted.


Old Business:  Discussion regarding under 21 year old racers.  National Masters Meeting Committee agreed to allow 18-21year old racers.  However, USSA does not agree at this time.  They feel it interferes with Junior racing.  Don will continue to check with USSA and Bill Skinner. 

The World Criterium at Sun Valley has released its restrictions on ski length.  It is printed on the Far West Masters website.


Race Issues:  The Western Regionals will be at Mammoth February 3-5, 2005.  USSA will charge $2 Head Tax per racer per day. A $3 Head Tax will be requested by Far West.  Mammoth (Beat) is taking charge of the Saturday night banquet.  It has not been determined who will do the Friday night awards party after the Super G.  These races will count for season awards points for Far West Masters.


New Business: Gayle discussed all her duties and the forms she sends to each ski area for the races.  She has a coordinator for most races.  Still needs to find a couple more.  Still have not received head tax from Northstar or Alpine from last year!

Mark gave an update on our charter.  The Masters Series Ski Racing Charter has been revoked. This was done 6 or 7 years ago because we never renewed each year as required.  In order to pay all penalties to re-instate the charter would cost about $750-$1000.  Mark suggested we start anew with a new charter and new name.  This would only cost about $200.  Motion made by Linda Crowell to change name to Far West Masters Ski Racing, Inc.  Seconded by Heidi Littenberg.  Motion passed unanimously.

Board agreed to send flowers to Norma Lausmann from Far West Masters, cost not to exceed $75.00  Approved.


Meeting was adjourned at 4:30PM.


Respectively submitted by:


Linda Crowell