Granite Chief Far West Masters

Fall Board Meeting

October 11, 2003



A board meeting was held Saturday, October 11, 2003 at the home of Danielle and Rees Palermo in Verdi, NV.

President Don Smith called the meeting to order at 3:00PM

Board members present: Don Smith, Mark Mirviss, Linda Crowell, Rees Palermo, Heidi Littenberg.

Absent: Mark Antis, Sally Brew

Interested members attending: Sam Crowell, Danielle Palermo, Doug Fulton & Eddie Mozen.


A quorum of 5 board members was present; therefore official business was conducted.


Review and Approval of minutes from Summer Meeting:  Minutes approved .


Old Business:  Discussion continued from Summer Board Meeting regarding electronic registering and payment for races.  Heidi stated that Archie Monaco is not comfortable keeping credit card information on line.  Much discussion on this issue.  The advantages to having on-line registration would be to take those duties away from the ski areas and control it ourselves.  However, it was determined that at this time it would be cost-prohibitive and take up too much of someone’s (a volunteer) time to input all information.  Discussion was tabled until further information is available.


Race Issues:  Discussion about Juniors racing with Masters.  Per the USSA rules, they cannot race in Regional of National races.  There were questions about season points and open seed points.  There have only been 2 times when someone under 21 raced with the Masters.  However, since we would like to recruit new, young racers, a motion was made by Linda Crowell to have a new age class of 18 and 19 yrs olds, with the minimum age being 18.  Motion was seconded by mark Mirviss and passed unanimously.


New Business:  Don Smith & Rees Palermo informed everyone that secondary insurance is available through USSA.  Board will put the information in the newsletter and on the Web site.

USSA Masters will not be enforcing the new FIS ski length rules.  It will, however, be in effect at the Internationals.

The Season Awards Banquet will be held at the North Tahoe Convention Center again.  Linda will make arrangements.

The Open Membership meeting will be held Saturday, January 24th after the Squaw Valley race.


Meeting was adjourned at 4:20PM.


Respectively submitted by:


Linda Crowell